The cobbler’s mold

Found some very cool wooden cobbler tools at a junk shop while shopping for still life items with my mother who is also an artist. The pitcher I picked up somewhere else and the cigar box came from yet another find. I never pay much, always less than $5, but I love these things.


This is a pastel on UArt 500 paper. It’s an odd shape — and why I do that to myself, I don’t know — at 13 inches high by 14 wide. It’s actually 14.5″ wide, but I’m planning to crop part of it so it looks like what you see above. I think I want to do another (or maybe several) of the cobbler shoe mold. And will also do another with this pitcher. I can see where the drawing on the pitcher is off and so I need to do it again… probably several times.

We have lost the sun here again, but painting friends are coming over this morning for a plein air session on our property. I hope something is blooming out there and we get some nice light…


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