I have been remiss over the last week with both painting and updating my blog. Last Thursday, I attended a pastel class in Madison County, VA; then company arrived Friday evening and did not leave until noon on Monday. It was recovery time Monday afternoon/evening and on Tuesday, my new laptop arrived.

My husband is an on-line gamer but we have limited internet which means I cannot view ANY videos or download them to watch as it eats up bandwidth that he has figured down to the nanobyte. So, off I went to the public library for a few hours so I could begin the process of updating and pulling things over and down into the new laptop.

Today, this morning, I made soap.

Somewhere in all this, I started a new pastel still-life painting. I have one issue with it. There is a perspective issue with a paint brush in a box that I must solve or remove the paintbrush from the painting.

I plan to work on that today. I also did an itty-bitty (something like 2X4″) pastel study of some azalea flowers on a scrap of Uart paper. I rather like it and may try to enlarge it or just do a bit more to it to finish it into something.

Photos of work to come…

Hoping some of my plein air painting friends come over tomorrow for some plein air time before rain socks us back in this weekend.


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