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Betts Mill Creek


The Northern Neck Plein Air Group met at my house today (well, two of us did, anyway) and ventured down to our dock. The water on this creek really is green as it reflects all the trees around it. In the winter it is much more grey and on occasion, blue.


Here it is on the easel and you can see what I was trying to capture. Thanks to my painting buddy, I went ahead and darkened the recesses in the woods.

5 thoughts on “Betts Mill Creek

      1. Green year round? Not at all. We got about a foot of snow several times this winter. Up until a month ago, we were wondering if it would ever get green again. This spring has been slow in coming and very, very wet.

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      2. ah….well, I guess I forget other parts of the US experience lack of moisture as well. We always turn brown starting in mid June and no rain until October. We might get less than half an inch but always with lightning which then we have to worry about fires. I assumed in your part of the country it gets rain enough to keep it green. 🙂 I envy green. lol


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