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Sales & Participation

If my world mirrored my imagination, I would have the energy and motivation to paint daily, at least half of my paintings would sell (if not more), I would be represented by what I call “full service galleries” and I would travel around the country with no worries about finances but still somehow keep my… Continue reading Sales & Participation

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All Our Vulnerabilities

Well, it’s getting interesting out there. As COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the U.S. and the stock market is eating itself alive, a lot of artists, including me, are standing back in shock. For many, we are just beginning to get our feet under us again in a serious way following the financial debacle of… Continue reading All Our Vulnerabilities

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Paintings Going Up In the Gallery

I delivered my paintings for the Colonial Williamsburg People and Places show at the Stewart Gallery today. I hung around long enough to take a couple of photos as the gals there were deciding where and how to hang them all. Can’t wait until Friday evening to see the whole show. Bob Carlson has some amazing… Continue reading Paintings Going Up In the Gallery

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The Blacksmith Painting

I’ve been a very neglectful blogger. My apologies. I think I’m dealing with the February doldrums. For some reason I seem to struggle with motivation during the month of February. I have theories, but let’s just call it Seasonal Affect Disorder for it truly does seem to be an annual thing. If I were smart,… Continue reading The Blacksmith Painting