Rolling Storm


I decided to tackle a sky painting. Watching summer storms build over the farm fields here in the Northern Neck is one of my favorite things to do. We get them a lot in the late afternoons and evenings in late July and August. They bring much needed rain and a wonderful light show.

I decided to tackle this in a larger format. This is a 20X16 canvas which allowed me for flexibility for brush work.

I started out with a large house painting brush to cover the canvas and get in my sky blues. Then I switched to a fan brush. Unfortunately, the one that I have is a cheap thing and started shedding hairs as I worked. So I switched to a bright. Finally, for the cloud highlights, I used a round. Keeping the land very simple keeps most of the focus on the clouds, I hope. The telephone poles just really wanted to be in there. They were actually put in with a wipe out tool.

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