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All Our Vulnerabilities

Well, it’s getting interesting out there. As COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the U.S. and the stock market is eating itself alive, a lot of artists, including me, are standing back in shock. For many, we are just beginning to get our feet under us again in a serious way following the financial debacle of… Continue reading All Our Vulnerabilities

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The Cannoneers: Veteran’s Day 2019

It took me a while to screw up the courage to tackle this painting. Part of me wants to do it again bigger. I actually think it would be easier if painted larger… like twice it’s current size. It is 10″ high by 30″ wide. There are just so many little bits to this thing.… Continue reading The Cannoneers: Veteran’s Day 2019

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Ballerina’s Day 2

As you saw from my last post, I spent the first day (well, actually the second if you give me a day to choose the reference photo and makes notes and sketches about any composition changes and enlarging the photo) transferring the photo with my notes to tracing paper. I also stained the canvas. In… Continue reading Ballerina’s Day 2