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A tidbit…

tidbit noun | \ ˈtid-ˌbit  \variants: or less commonly titbit \ ˈtit-​ˌbit  \ Definition of tidbit 1: a choice morsel of food 2: a choice or pleasing bit (as of information) This is the definition from the Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary. And while this isn’t “food” per se, it is a pleasing peek of the paintings just finished that I haven’t posted yet. The first is from… Continue reading A tidbit…

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Fast or Slow: It’s Relative

I visited my local Farmer’s Market a couple of weeks ago and ran into a number of folks who follow me on this blog, on Facebook, or Instagram and have been excited to see the Colonial Williamsburg Series continuing. I was gifted with a lot of positive feedback but one comment was repeated by a… Continue reading Fast or Slow: It’s Relative

Galleries · Historic Sites · oil painting · Productivity · Step-by-step

One Veteran to Another

I got a bit off track with posting, but the painting continues in the Williamsburg series. So, in a nutshell, here are the progress shots (I didn’t take one every single day, but you can get the idea of the steps here: The photo I took from some distance away using a long lens of… Continue reading One Veteran to Another