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If my world mirrored my imagination, I would have the energy and motivation to paint daily, at least half of my paintings would sell (if not more), I would be represented by what I call “full service galleries” and I would travel around the country with no worries about finances but still somehow keep my home gardens going, the flower beds would be weeded, and my dog would always behave perfectly in public.

However, that is not my reality.

Just as COVID hit my two “full service galleries” closed down permanently. Thankfully, the RAL Art Center, a cooperative gallery survived the period of closure and actually used the closure time to make some much needed renovations and sort out some other issues making the place even more able to survive upheaval.

I have working as a volunteer more frequently at RAL Art Center and find I really enjoy the interactions with people. I’ve also begun offering more classes. In January I will offer a four session class (over the span of four weeks) focused on completing a self portrait. Each participant will begin with a charcoal drawing that will focus on capturing the image using a mirror and creating a pleasing composition. Then that drawing will be used to set up a transfer to a painting surface. Participants can work in whatever medium they want to use. I am not a watercolorist or someone who works in acrylic, but if they are proficient in that medium, I can at least guide them on the important part which is how to get their painting to tell the story they want it to tell. I can help more with the technical aspects of pastel, pencil, charcoal and oil, and I can certainly assist with mixed media if that is the direction their work leads them.

I also was invited to do a one-man show at the Tappahannock Art Guild Gallery in on Prince Street in Tapphannock. The theme was “Women & Children: Moments in Time”. Pulling together a one person show was a great challenge and I was able to present 27 pieces with about half being brand new. Two of my favorites were of two of my sons as small children which I had not previously painted.

I also participated in the Tidelands Plein Air Festival which was great fun and ended in a great party! This is the TAG (Tapphannock Art Guild) main fund raiser for the year. Even with an entry fee of $50 for those attending (including the artists) the price of admission is well worth it: An abundance of gourmet food, beverages of all kinds, great music and best of all lots of plein air work completed over the four day painting period and available at great prices!

Here are the favorites of mine that I completed during that time:

As with all plein air paintings, there is a story behind each one and I will perhaps tell those stories here at some point. Of those above, only the first has sold so far the others are available and TAG will get a bit of each sale.

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