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As We Enter the New Year: 2022

For me 2021 was not as taxing as 2020, but 2021 sure offered more then total lockdown. As a fully vaccinated person, I feel a bit more relaxed about venturing out and have spent time volunteering at the RAL Art Center in Kilmarnock… I would say it really has been my entire social life for the year except for occasional visits at my house by family and a few friends.

Because I didn’t paint at all in 2020, my inventory was not really where it should have and could have been for 2021, but I did sell several paintings and took on some special gifts and currently am preparing to start a commission for a young man that has been a significant friend with my sons. He lives in Washington State now and asked if I might paint something to remind him of home.

In the meantime, I completed decided to tackle some landscape painting. Honestly, I think my larger work comes out so much more interesting then the tiny things, but that said, I’m going to try and complete a new collection of landscapes drawn from local scenes. This is one I completed early this week:

Pumpkin Hill Lane 12×24″ Oil on Linen Mounted on Panel

This one will go, with some other landscape paintings, into the RAL Art Center front windows for the month of February where the will be available for sale. I’m thinking seriously of showing a few pastels along with the oils. Inside, in my wall space, I’m going to show again some of my small works for the month of February.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in commissioning a painting.

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