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Discovering What Works and What Doesn’t

I started this painting as a demonstration for a Beginner’s Oil Painting Class last summer. I got as far as starting to put the second layer in and never got beyond that. Looking at as a photo, there may still be changes I will make to it. Yesterday I continued where I had left off with the scruff growing along the path and softened the person walking to give a sense of distance.

I can see that my style of painting has changed a bit because I’m not normally doing landscapes. Or at least not as often. But I’ve always liked what I call “tile painting” in which you do ALL your mixing on the palette and just put down a stroke of paint and leave it.

I love the looseness in the bottom of this painting and I like the sense of depth. But that tree is bothering me and thus, the sky is in need of attention as well. I don’t think just painting the tree on top of the sky works. They sort of have to be incorporated together.

So, I will keep working on this one and eventually hope to call it finished. I went ahead and signed it, but I’m going back to fix that tree and sky.

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