I Can’t Believe I’m Teaching

I decided to take the plunge at the request of several folks who wanted to take up oil painting but were really stumped at where to start. RAL Art Center was looking for ways to expand their class offerings.

So, this past summer I did a non-painting class on needle felting faces for a bunch of teachers. I also offered an intro to drawing class. The drawing class was not well attended, but between the two I was able to get my feet wet.

Now, I do not in any way consider myself a master painter. However, I figured I could at least go over the very basics on how to paint using oils and be safe. So, I emphasized safety above all, insisted on the least toxic but still useable paint and was a real stickler about solvent use. In fact, I made the first class paint basically solvent free completely. Well, the first one filled up. So I offered a second one which also almost filled.

There was someone who missed those first two classes, so I did the same class in an abreviated one-day format in my home studio.

Then I offered a second level class which involved some additional techniques and painting from life. I only had three, but it was really fun and one student from my first class will come catch up on Level II later this month in the home studio.

I’m not sure where to go from here as I don’t feel I’m really good enough to be teaching anything difficult. But maybe something on exploring composition or doing a portrait value study and maybe later something on glazing.

I’m curious to know what my readers would like if you lived close enough to take a class from me. Give me some feedback, folks!

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