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Building Suspense: Motivation to See it in Person

Most folks know I will be in a 2-artist show at the Stewart Gallery in Gloucester, VA opening on May 1, 2020.

I have posted, so far, all of my paintings as they have been completed and in many cases included progress shots. But, after thinking about this and talking to other artists, I realized I may be decreasing the incentive to attend the show by posting everything on-line. Folks may feel that they have “seen it already.”

As an artist who really loves seeing the work of other artists on-line, as it gives me a taste of what the artist did, and helps me learn about composition. As an artist, I also know that I’m not getting the whole effect. Often the colors are off, or the chroma or the values. And rarely can you get the feel for the brushwork and paint handling. And so, when I have the opportunity to go see work that intrigues me in person, I do try to do that.

At FACE I was able to see in person work by living masters and I have to tell you, the internet just cannot do great art justice. One of the real joys of FACE, for me was talking to the artist right next to their work and being permitted, with permission, to actually touch a painting to feel how the paint layers were built up. (Yes, my hands were clean and I asked permission first) but those artists understood my desire to do something so outrageous, which was pretty cool. I am one of those people in museums forever being fussed at by the security folk and asked to step back. No, I don’t try to touch them, but my nose gets pretty close and I probably breathe on the paintings more than they would like.

For those interested in my work who live far away, on-line may be the only way you get to see my work, so to you I will apologize in advance. Maybe someday I will be able to afford to have my work professionally scanned on a large flatbed scanner and that will help. But you still will not be able to see the depth of the painting.

I don’t think of myself as a master, but I’m getting better I think. But I have noticed that my paintings in person do look better than what is posted on-line. For some reason something is lost in translation.

I also want to build some additional incentive to attend the show in May. So, with trepidation, I have made the decision to just tease you guys at this point forward. I want you to really have some surprises when you come to the show; so, from here on, I will post some teasers (maybe just the drawing, or very early block-ins, or extreme close-ups). But I will hold off on posting the rest of the finished work that will be in the show.

That’s not to say I won’t be posting other finished work that is destined to go to other galleries, paintings for my family, for me or commissions. But you will need to plan to come to the Stewart Gallery on May 1, 2020 if you want to see all of them together.

2 thoughts on “Building Suspense: Motivation to See it in Person

    1. I absolutely understand. I promise to post lots of pictures from the show and final photos of paintings I resisted sharing prior to the May show. There will also be paintings coming soon that will not be in the Stewart Gallery Show, but will be available through my home gallery or the RAL Art Center.


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