FACE withdrawal and inspiration

We arrived home from the Figurative Arts Conference & Expo on Wednesday evening. We tended to our cats and pretty much collapsed in front of the TV that first night home.

The next day we unpacked, did laundry, ran errands including grocery shopping, and I cooked us a decent meal. I also put away my purchases from the FACE vendors and added information I learned at FACE to my beginner level oil painting class curriculum. I also did a little painting and sketching.

Friday I put the finishing touches on the Colonial Williamsburg: The Butcher painting, took pictures and added it to my website. I also packed up all my stuff for my Beginner Level II Oil Painting Class and hauled it all downstairs.

Saturday and Sunday I was at the RAL Art Center with three great students.

Monday I took the day off and watched the beginning of one of the videos I purchased at FACE. I should note that when you purchase Streamline Videos at FACE you get a discount, when you purchase three of them, you get a BIG discount, so instead of paying $129 to $179 for each video, I got all three for $107 and paid no shipping because I was picking it up in person.

Tuesday I stretched canvas for my next painting, stained the canvas and worked on the drawing. Wednesday, I transferred the drawing to the canvas and blocked in the values and some of the color. I also worked out how I wanted to direct the eye through the painting. My original plan on paper just wasn’t making me happy, but I think I know where I’m going now.

So, today it will be back to the easel and working out some drawing errors. I also need to select the frames I’m going to use and will probably order them tomorrow.

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