Williamsburg Butcher

I think this fellow is actually a cook, but since he was doing something very interesting with a piece of meat, I’ve decided to call this The Williamsburg Butcher. So, here is the reference photo:

Because his left hand was moving and blurred, I had a hard time figuring it out. In the photo, because of the blurring, it appears bigger than it should be. I got hubby to be a hand model for me.

So, here are some progress shots. I did not take pictures every painting session, sorry. But you can sort of see how things went along here.

And the final:

This will also be part of the show at the Stewart Gallery in May. After talking to some fellow artists who have been in shows, they suggested that I hold back a few paintings to act as surprises for the show. They figure that if you can see the whole thing on-line there is not reason to come into the gallery. So, I will MENTION some of the next few and let you know when they are finished, and may post a teaser shot (an extreme close up or maybe just the reference, or photo of my palette… but I’ll hold back on some of the paintings that will be in the show until after the show.

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