Colonial Williamsburg: A Break Between Tours

This is going to be, I believe, the largest in the Williamsburg series, at least the largest I’m submitting for the two artist show at the Stewart Gallery in May. It is 30×20 inches. Oil on linen with oil ground.

I really liked working on the linen. I wasn’t fighting the fabric as much. However, stretching it was a bit of a challenge and I had to enlist my hubby’s help to get it nice and tight.

So here is the whole progress from day to day: I took a photo at the end of each day. You can click on each picture to make it larger if you want. The reference photo is first.

My reference photo. I think she was sitting outside of the Randolph House. Note she has a medical boot on her foot resting over a cane. I removed the boot, the cane and the cups on the bench. In the photo she came out looking a whole lot more jaundiced than she was and I tried to fix that in the painting.
This is the final painting: “A Break Between Tours”

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