Ox Cart Man Day 6

I started off by scrubbing in some greens throughout the background and down into the foreground. I need to keep in mind as I continue work on this the direction of the light, but the background (which is a very non-descript tangle of tree branches and roof tops) needs to show some sort of atmosphere perspective and move back from the man and the ox. The foreground, which is basically grass, needs to come forward.

I realized there was still something very wrong with his face and collar area and the block and yoke on the ox is still very weird, as is the ox itself. The man’s hat needed a bit of work as well. So here are the next series of shots from the work done including some close ups.

I can feel the heat of the sun on this fellow’s face at this point so I’m happy with it I think.

I am still struggling with the yoke and block. I also need to finish something in that background and the bottom of the man’s coat and legs. The ox’s eye on the left side is a bit wide, but over all, I’m happy with the progress of this painting.

I think I have just a few more days of work on this. By the way, I’ve introduced into this painting more of the Michael Harding paints and I’m liking them very much, so this is a mix of Gamblin and Michael Harding.

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