Williamsburg Working Man

On our last visit to the Williamsburg Historical site, we visited the Silver Smith’s shop. There was a chap in the front section talking with the visitors but as I wandered further along, I spotted this guy. It was the light. I just had to capture him against the light! I love how the door to his right is cracked open just enough to give him additional light with which to work. The shadows and highlights are just begging to be a painting.

Silversmith at work

What I couldn’t decide is should this be an oil or a watercolor? I decided to attempt it as an oil painting first and sent off to have the photograph blown up to a 16×20″ photo. In all honesty. I’m happy with the photo. But I’m determined to create further with it.

So, as of Tuesday, here is my progress on the oil painting. I’ll continue to post as it develops. This is definitely not a one-day painting. I’m also learning that since my neck fusion, I need to take breaks more frequently. This is not a result of the surgery, but I’m learning that my 60 year old body just needs and deserves frequent breaks.

Beginning of painting

I know there are some glaring issues at this point. His head is wrong and his left arm is too small. The stool to the left is missing both a leg and it’s tools. That edge along the cracked doorway is just too hard. But I love, love the shadows under him and how they all interconnect with his shoes and pants. I also am really liking the spill of the light on the floor next to him. And I’m not entirely unhappy with the window through which light is just pouring. In contrast I need to darken the wall above him a bit, I think. I haven’t figured out how I am going to manage all the tools to his left. I’m thinking they need to stay loose. And I need to develop the roundness of his vest as it curves around him. He is such a great subject! Here they are side by side

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