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New Watercolor Painting

I may be in trouble here. I’m really enjoying painting in watercolor! Yikes!

Of course, I’m justifying this. John Singer Sargent, one of my major heroes when it comes to painting and art, worked in a variety of mediums including oils, pencils, pen and ink and watercolor. So, why not emulate one of the greats? Right? In any case, I think watercolor (particularly if I can put together a good watercolor pan kit) will be very easy to transport and I can use it to good effect in my sketchbooks. I’m still using a fairly good, but less than professional grade of paint and I’m looking forward to investing in some better ones in the near future.

But here is a new one I started. I transferred the photo onto the paper during our last class on Tuesday night. This morning, I started putting in some washes following my plan.

Canola Field Road

I had this one in my reference photo pile for an oil painting and it may show up as that as well. The “road”, if you want to call it that, grabbed my attention last Spring (or maybe even the Spring before). The scene is near our local trash drop off spot. I pulled in quickly and took a fast few photos and I’ve been saving them for a painting ever since.

I’m wondering if there will canola fields in the area this Spring? The eye-popping yellow is just amazing. I suspect our funky, soggy, crazy weather is going to make life pretty challenging for our farmers this year. I know there were a number of soybean fields that could not be harvested last year because the fields just got way over saturated and it honestly feels like we didn’t get a break in the rain until last week. I think we actually got 7 days without rain.

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