Step-by-step · Watercolor


I think I have finished the watercolor painting of the pots. I took the photo a couple of years ago when I found a pile of terracotta pots under the deck of the house we currently live in. The photo just sort of lived in my collection of reference photos to be used in something one day. While looking for a subject to use for a watercolor study/painting, it just seemed like the right thing to use.

There are things I see that if I had done this in oils or pastels, I would have changed. I need to work on brush control and learn more about how to smooth out a wash to develop the illusion of a curve. And I lost track of my light source. But for a first time effort. I don’t think it’s too bad. In a year, I’ll be hiding it away in a portfolio, most likely, but I’m happy with it for now.

I learned a lot about building up glazes to get the darks that I want. I learned how easy it was to screw up lights by forgetting that adding additional glazing makes the lights go away… go figure. I also learned that I actually rather like working with round brushes… at least in watercolor. And I learned that you can mix pretty much the same colors in watercolor that you can in oils to get similar results color wise which is pretty cool.

So here we are from first session to last (with two in the middle that I failed to photograph).

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