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My Cat is Grounded

We have two cats. Both of them are black.

One is tiny, skittish, short-haired and exclusively an indoor kitty. She, in fact, shows almost no interest in the great outdoors other than an occasional visit to the screened porch when the weather is nice. She is allergic to chicken and is a challenge to feed as she’s also very picky.

The other is a big, fluffy, bold fellow who is quite sure he is a dog and has the ability to both guard us and climb trees. He is utterly fearless (except for when the vacuum cleaner appears which is clearly a cat demon come to eat him alive).

The skinny little cat has adopted my husband. Big Fluff is my cat – although he seems fine with lap sitting with hubby for about 30 minutes every evening.

He likes to go outside and prowl the property every morning and afternoon but he is always in at dark and stays in the house until dawn or very near dawn the next day.

But yesterday he, like a delinquent teenager, didn’t appear at the door at dusk. He didn’t show up at dinner time or at the 7-o’clock chiming of the bells when he and she both get their beloved treats. At 8 pm. I donned warm clothes and shoes and headed down our long driveway calling for him. He finally appeared around 9 p.m. and I told him quite sternly that he was grounded for at least 3 days if not for life. I’m still not sure when I’m going to feel comfortable letting him out again.

We live in the country surrounded by coyotes, fox, raccoons and eagles, hawks and owls. He has tangled with a fox and one of the neighbor’s dogs before, but it was during the daylight hours and I was able to quickly run off his attacker and rescue him. We know the neighbor’s dog was out and he might have gotten treed for a while, but his failure to call out for help and the general unconcerned reappearance makes me think he was just off wandering about.

Today it rained and sleeted and he showed no interest in going out side. We will see what happens tomorrow. In any case, I realized how much I would miss him if he disappeared and I’m glad I have lots of good photos and paintings of him.

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