Home Displays of Art

For some reason I cannot fully explain, I love the look of a black frame on contemporary work. My second favorite is gold. I especially look for a gold frame if it is a contemporary piece with a very traditional feel (like a still life or a portrait with traditional lighting).

Because I’m an artist who produces a fair amount of work, most of which is on the small side, the walls in my home have taken on a “salon” look. Few walls have only one piece of art. This allows visitors to the home studio to see a lot of art all at one time and hopefully find something they would like to take to their own homes. Art work on my walls is changed out the way most people change their seasonal decorations. My furniture never moves, but the art work sure does.

A collection of my work in the living room

I think my favorite exhibit space in my house right now is in the kitchen. Other than bird and cat paintings currently out at galleries, they all gather along the frieze in the kitchen. We are surrounded by birds and cats (there may be a cow in there somewhere) every time we come into the kitchen. It’s really a nice effect, if I do say so myself. All of the pieces are wired so they hang evenly along the frieze and my husband has mastered the art of putting all the hooks in the right places.

Birds and a Cow in the Kitchen
Family Portraits in Entrance Area
Blurry photo of one office wall

Our office features paintings I have personally collected from other artists and whose work inspires me. I guess it is sort of my own personal museum. Our master bedroom has works from other family members who are artists or pieces I did to commemorate a special vacation or trip. So, it has become our personal memory room. The guest bedrooms are slowly developing themes, but how these eventually play out will be interesting to see.

I’m curious to know how other artists display work in their homes.

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