oil painting

In Between Things…

My husband and I are slowly repainting the house. It’s been a long time since the walls here have seen a fresh coat of paint and we are tackling the project one room at a time. This week we completed the office. It is now a pale yellow (I compare it to yellow cake batter… but then I like to bake).

The yellow choice has a long story dating back to when I came home with some sheep and a length of portable electric fencing without giving much of a heads up to my hubby. I’m not fond of yellow wall paint and he knew this and said that one day the pay back would be a yellow room. He started off bringing home paint chips of neon yellow. Over the last 15 years he’s held the threat of a yellow room over my head. Since the office is primarily his space, I finally relented when he came home with this relatively calm sample.

After the first day, and a raging sinus headache, I quit. There is something about latex and acrylic paint that just tortures my poor sinuses. Oddly enough, oil paints don’t bother me in the least. He finished up without me today.

I did manage to get some painting of my own done. I love Indigo Buntings. They are just the flashiest of birds, in my opinion and completely brighten my day when I spot them. This one was not visiting the feeders but did came to hangout on our deck for about an hour last Spring. I didn’t have a great photo of him, but I rather like how the painting came out anyway.

My goal in this painting was to try and focus on values and preserve some of the under painting. I think I managed both.

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