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Teaching Drawing and Other Stuff

I’m taking the plunge again this year and will teach a few classes at the RAL Art Center on Main Street in Kilmarnock.

The first class is for everyone who thinks they haven’t got an artistic bone in their body but are willing to just let images just appear with a little bit of guidance.

I taught Felted Faces many years ago at the Historic Rice’s Hotel Hughlett Tavern as a fund raiser. I offered the class twice. It was very popular. I will announce the date when it is finalized at the beginning of February.

I’ve also agreed to teach a second level drawing course. This one will take place over the course of four weeks (one day a week) and introduce techniques that can help to improve a person’s drawing skills. I do believe everyone has the ability to draw well, but practice and knowledge of various techniques will certainly improve one’s chances of drawing well quickly.

For myself, teaching the drawing class will push me to 1. Remember what I learned and 2. Practice! This class will be offered in March if the schedule can be worked out.

I’ll post more about each class when things are finalized and let you know where you can register.

One thought on “Teaching Drawing and Other Stuff

  1. Thank you for your time and effort. I’d like to share a couple of ideas, and being the first commenter, I look forward to hearing others’ ideas, which I learn so much from. *In middle school, due to electives offered, I began taking yearly art classes. One of the first ways I learned to draw, in order to expand the picture size, was the use of boxes. We took a drawing of a person, animal, flower pot, and created grids. Then, on another paper, created bigger grids and transferred the picture from one to the other by drawing. Interestingly, I utilized this method even into college, where I finally felt the old method was okay to start, but not continue. Having seen amazing sketch artists on beaches and boardwalks, I was finally determined to change this method. So, I learned to draw quickly and by feel. How does this work (And there are books and articles on this.)? Say I’m drawing a person’s face. I get an idea of the shape, then quickly draw it, making only minor changes if necessary (The thing here is not to get bogged down in perfection, but get the “sense” of the head shape.). Then, I draw a line down the middle of the head, locate where the nose, mouth, and eyes should be. Yes, this takes time and practice, but with time and practice, faces take a fraction of the time. And this can work with horses, dogs, and so forth.

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