Peanut Eater

Here is the Northern Cardinal painting completed. This one is on one of the new panels my husband helped me make in which we purchased a 4 x8 foot tempered Masonite board. The good fellow at Lowes in Gloucester, VA cut it down to 4×4 so we could get it in the car. I put on two coats of oil ground using my dining room table (covered with plastic), then we cut it down into lots and lots of 6×6 inch panels and a few odd ones of 9×12 and others. 

The texture is a bit different from the Gessobord I’ve been using. It is more “pebbly” if that is the right description. I think I like it. I’ll do a few more and will have a better idea. I know I can sand it down smoother if I decide it’s not to my liking. 

Here is the full painting and then a bit of a close up. 

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