oil painting · Step-by-step

Wytheville Greens

I signed it, but after evaluating the photos, I think I have a little bit more to do on this. But there is a lot I like a lot in this painting, so the additions will be minor. 

I want to “carve back” a little on the inside of the tree in the foreground using the mid/dark green from the middle ground.

This painting is, I think, going to be my submission for the Stewart Gallery “Shades of Green” show coming up soon. The reference photo is one I took while visiting Wytheville and is VERY green as Virginia tends to be in mid summer. This summer, with all the rain, those greens lasted right up until fall. Normally go through a bit of a browning period in late summer, but not this year!

So, there will be one more photo which may appear tomorrow. I did not do any work on the cardinal today, but expect to get to it tomorrow as well. 

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