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Started Two…

Took advantage of a snowy day with no one coming over and me going nowhere, to start two paintings today.

One, if it comes out the way I envision it, will be submitted for consideration to the “Shades of Green” exhibit coming up at the Stewart Gallery.

The second is another bird painting: It is so very rough at this point, it’s a little frightening, but I’m pretty sure I can pull it into shape in the next day or two: 

It’s amazing how photos taken at different stages really bring out all that is wrong with a painting at that given point. I can see where the drawing is off and if the values are off. I think it’s pretty important for me to use the tool of a camera to help me get on track. 

I’m using one of my “homemade panels” for the cardinal painting. It has a bit more texture then the Gesso Board I normally use and I’m not entirely sure I like it yet. Time will tell. I know I can always sand down the others until they are smooth, so not too worried about the difference. 

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