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Art Resolutions for 2019

I’m following the lead of Marwa Altantawi who writes a blog called “The Ruined Brush”.  I enjoy many of her thoughts on her life as an artist and her work is very interesting. Recently she posted her list of resolutions for the coming year.

Back when I worked for a regular paycheck, I took a couple of management classes that encouraged us in self development. One of those techniques included development of a Vision Board. The idea is to visualize where you wish to be and what your accomplishments will be as specifically as possible and with set deadlines. The goals should also be measurable. Then you put these wishes and goals on a poster or other set up (like a bulletin board or your computer default screen) in a visual fashion that will prompt your brain to work towards those goals daily. It does seem to help if you look at your vision board every day.

I think an annual resolutions list can work in a similar fashion provided it is posted somewhere you see it every day. It reminds you to stay on track to your big goals. So, I’m going to set up my Art Goals for the coming year.

  1. Paint bigger with at least half of what I paint over 11×14 inches.
  2. Complete at least 100 works.
  3. Complete at least 20 pastel paintings with the others being in oil.
  4. Paint at least 25 landscapes, if not more.
  5. Travel at least quarterly and do plein air studies.
  6. Be accepted into and represented by a non-cooperative art gallery.
  7. Paint five days a week.
  8. De-junk the studio, removing things I have not used in a year.
  9. Visit one new to me gallery or museum a month.
  10. Take a class with a nationally known artist.

I believe all of these can be accomplished. What are your goals for 2019?

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