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I admit I have a tendency to bounce from thing to thing. As I’m trying to grow my art business and my essential oil business, it can be especially challenging to say “no” to friends who assume that since I do not work in an office or “regular” retail setting, especially when what they are proposing sounds like fun.

This is not to say I don’t have flexibility. I really, truly do and I love that if I want to go do something in the morning outside of the studio, I can. If I want to take advantage of a beautiful day and hunt down places to take great reference photos, I can adjust my painting schedule and go do that. 

But I must become more self disciplined and spend more time in front of an easel so I can at least paint enough paintings to put out in front of potential art patrons and bring in enough money to supplement my retirement income. 

That said, I put off painting this little guy (gal?) for a long time because I didn’t think I was really understanding what I need to do to capture the feeling of this critter. Hopefully, I got somewhat close. As usual, I love the backlighting.

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