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Kittens & Cats at RAL Art Center Friday

Busy week this week. I’m going to be hanging a display of the Animal Shelter Adoptable Pets Series this week at the RAL Art Center in Kilmarnock on Friday.

I got all the little ones  and the one big one varnished last week. Yesterday I popped all the little ones into frames. Today I’m going to put on the hanging wires for all of them which requires some drilling and wire cutting and measuring… although not in that order. One of them is already on hold for a potential patron, but the others are all still up for grabs!

These would make great little holiday gifts and 10 percent of the sale proceeds ) will be donated to the Northumberland Animal Shelter. Donations to the shelter help defray some of the veterinarian costs the shelter must pay.

I’m also open to doing some commissioned kitty paintings. I prefer to take my own reference photos, but if you are too far away or the beloved kitty has already passed and you have a useable photo, I’m very open to giving it a go. I’m happy to work in either oils or pastels.


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