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Distractions Out My Windows

We drove all the way to Skyline Drive last week looking for beautiful foliage. The mountain scenery was very nice and getting away together was even nicer. But we didn’t see a lot of color.

But this week here at home! Wow! It’s just busting out all over.

Check out these photos from this morning from the back deck. The nice thing about living in the middle of nowhere is that I can dash out on the back deck in by bathrobe and slippers to take early morning photos even if it’s rather chilly out there.


When I went up to the studio to paint later this morning, the views out the window were very distracting. I am working on getting the studio a little more organized (as when it is a total mess, I spend more time looking for stuff then actually working) and tackling one smallish sorting project a day. Today I sorted the two inch stack of reference photos into piles related to their topic: Figures, Landscapes, Birds, Animals, and Still life arrangements. Each small stack was clipped together with a bulldog clip and hung up out of the way.

But here is the view I got to contemplate while sorting. And while I haven’t printed any of these out yet, I did get them sorted on the computer under the File “Trees”.



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