oil painting

Laughing Gull in Winter Plummage

It took me a long time to figure out what kind of seagulls were parking themselves on a neighbor’s dock. We saw them flying up and down the creek fishing for what they could nab out the waters here. But one day last month, I took the kayak and my camera and went upsteam (or perhaps it was down stream, since we are tidal, I get it a little confused)… in any case, I spotted a small flock of about 6 of them hanging out at the dock and slowly let my kayak drift towards them, steadily snapping away. Surprisingly, they let me get very close before flying off.

Then, began the hunt for who and what they were. Some birding friends suggested that they might be Laughing Gull juveniles (and this could be the case), but I found a source with good photos that indicates they are Laughing Gulls in winter plumage. This means that their distinctive black heads go white or tan for the winter.

In any case, I am posting the full painting: 6X6 and a close up of it’s head.


For those who follow along regularly; the second coat of oil ground is now on the hardboard panel and it is drying VERY slowly on my dining room table.

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