RAL Art Center now…

I currently have put three paintings in the RAL Art Center where I rent a little wall space.

RAL Art Center on Main Street in Kilmarnock, VA is one of those special places that supports local artists by allowing us to have the option to display our work for sale.\

Locally, there are almost no other galleries. One down the road a bit isn’t open very much although the owner is very enthusiastic about art and wants to support artists, must still find a way to pay the bills and that doesn’t always allow for a lot of open hours. Another does not show local artists and very specifically rules us out. A third is primarily a framing shop and expects to provide the frames for works displayed there (understandable).

So, the RAL Art Center is a cooperative gallery. The board of directors is made up of a variety of folks from the community some of whom are artists and some who are not which keeps things balanced. Lots of folks are members of RAL AC are not artists but do support the arts by participating in our openings, volunteering their time and spreading the word about the center. There are also a bunch of artists. Some are professional, some hobbiests, and some just dabblers, so it is a nice mix. To rent space in the gallery and show your work for sale, you must be juried in by a committee. But any member is welcomed to participate in the many themed exhibitions put on throughout the year. There are many classes being offered all the time. In fact, I’m taking a basket weaving class next month being taught by Judy Penry and extremely talented basket maker.

In any case, I’m going to try to remember to take a picture of my little wall display each time I change it out and post it here so if you happen to be passing through Kilmarnock and have a few minutes to stop, you can see my work (and the work of about 60 other artists) on your way through.


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