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Callee’s Kitten III: A Rescue


Just finished this one. I think. I might make an adjustment to the front paw if it still bothers me tomorrow.  We are currently under a tornado watch and are waiting for the remains of Hurricane Michael to come barreling through. As of right now (2:25 pm) is has not started to rain, but we are told to expect around 6 inches and up to 60 mph winds. Fun.

So, I’m going to focus instead on the painting since I can’t do a thing about the weather right now. What is interesting about this one, to me, is that you could hang it in almost any direction and still have it work (other than my signature giving it away.)

First a couple of close ups:


Then an “alternative view” which gives me a little vertigo for some reason:


This is the way I painted it and assume it will be viewed this way:


As always, this painting (16 x 20″) is for sale and 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Northumberland County Animal Shelter.

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