Emotional Struggles · oil painting · Step-by-step

Self Portrait Update

I’m still working on this. And I’ve been frustrated with it.

It occurred to me that I could tap into my frustration (not only with the painting, but with my personal appearance and with the state of things when it comes to aging women in the United States today).

So, I went back and refined the drawing. It does look more like me now, I think. I backed up on the eyes — I’m be big believer that the eyes are the main communicator should anyone care to really look a person in the eye. I realized that the whole thing needed to be more unified and more painterly — there is such a cloud over all women today. My internal energy is dark, fearful and frustrated. I want that to come out in the painting.

So, I’m here now. It’s a bit muddy because I’ve overworked it a good deal to get it to this point. I’m going to let it set up for a few days then revisit.


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