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Playful Kitten Progress Shot

I started a new painting as part of the Rescue Series. This one is of a kitten that just loved playing with the fuzzy rope toy suspended in the play room. I took a bunch of photos of this little one but the photo with the blue green jingle ball in the corner captured my thoughts. I also really like the shadows.

This is a bigger painting at 16×20″ and it just needed that larger canvas to be effective. I several more hours to spend with this one. The photo revealed to me that my drawing of the nose is too small and off a bit and I’ll correct that in my next session.

The other thing I really liked about this one is how it’s white fur reflected not only the ocher floor coloring but picked up color from the ball and the rope play thing.  She also has really interesting green eyes. They are close to finished here, but need a bit more refinement and the highlights yet. I think they need to be just a hair bigger, but will think on it a bit.


Here is the reference photo: IMG_1898

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