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Abstraction on the Swamp Wins a Prize

This one is not political. Honest. I just happen to live down creek from a swamp that is really, really beautiful. I love to take the kayak up the creek just to visit the marsh grasses, birds and flowers.

I’m very honored to have won a ribbon for Honorable Mention at the RAL Art Center in the Abstract Show going on now until mid October. Do stop by if you can. It is a great show!

I did enjoy this little abstraction experiment. So, first the painting and then the reference photo I used for inspiration.



I’m not sure, but I may have hung the painting upside down by accident. The nice thing about a good composition in an abstract is that it can hang in any direction and still look right. Looking at the photo again, I think it would make a really nice pastel painting.

I am already thinking about goals for my art in 2019. One is that I will be getting back to pastels a lot more. I want to sort of split my time and efforts between oils and pastels. I’m going to continue the bird series because I feel that birds are important indicators of how our environment is doing and they bring great joy and beauty to us humans even when we may not deserve it. I’m also going to work hard on the adoptable pets series.

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