Callie: A Rescue Day 2

The eyes are coming along. I like to get the eyes in first. They are, after all, the part of any critter or person we focus on first. Even with birds, if I can, I try to get the eyes or eye in first.

Callie is a challenge because she has this really interesting light greeny blue in her eyes. I need to find and mix that color from the paint I have available. I think I’ve got it, but will continue to work towards making those eyes just right.

I want to also capture the way the light shines through the eyeball itself. There is a special glow of light coming through on the lower edge of the Callie’s left eye (the one on our right). I also need to distinguish the wetness of the eyeball and her tongue from the dryness of her fur. Right now, the eye color is a bit too bright and the shadows are not defined enough; but it’s coming along.


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