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You’re Burning Art?!!!

The Art Sale & Burn Party is just a few days away.

I’ve been busy making appetizers to serve and sorting through my old art work, things I’ve done in workshops, pieces that just haven’t sold,  and my mom’s art work and trying to decide on some special pricing arrangements.

Not because I actually planned it that way, but just by happy co-incidence, the Art Sale & Burn Party ended up being on the same day at the Northern Neck Artisan Trail special Wine and Oyster and Art Trail event. Most of those activities in other locations are happening earlier in the day, so we are hoping that folks will end their Studio Crawl at our place.

I think we are going to have at least four artists (maybe as many as six) displaying their work starting at 3 p.m. until dark (and maybe a bit later if we can work out some better lighting arrangements.)

The Fire Dancing begins at full on dark… I think that will be around 7:30 p.m.  and the party really begins! DSC02329

And yes, we are planning to burn up some art. We all have pieces that are just junk…it’s part of the process and a few of us have decided the best way to make some space in our closets and portfolios is to contribute to the fire.

But I also heard rumor that at least a couple of the participating artists may spend part of the afternoon creating a piece specifically for the purpose of burning it! Think Burning Man…

In any case, we may have some live music (not yet confirmed, but I’m hoping) and several of us doing art demonstrations throughout the afternoon.

If the event goes well, we might make this an annual celebration, so please come out and support the artists, nibble on some good food, have a glass of wine, and watch us burn up art work!



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