Sale and Burn Party

After talking with some of my artist buddies about the old, weird and ugly artworks we have haunting our studios, I decided that we could build a bon fire and get rid of a bunch of our pain.

Then, I had another idea. What if we offered some of our older works (still good, but which has not yet found a home) at a discount and put on a “pop-up” art exhibit with all unframed work (to keep the cost down) and invite all our art loving friends would might not otherwise be able to part with enough money to score gallery priced works of original art? What if we added to the sale offerings, works of art WE don’t think is “good enough”, but which others might see and appreciate with fresh eyes?

And what if all the participating artists got to have a negotiated trade off with each other in which we work out trades between each other for art we love but cannot afford to buy but for which we might offer a trade in either unused art supplies, some sort of labor agreement, or equally valued pieces of art?

Well, my artist friends seemed to think it was a good idea, so on Saturday, September 8 from 3 p.m. until dark, we are going to come together at my house/studio and have a big art sale. When it gets dark, we are going to light the bonfire and offer up panels and canvases or other burnable stuff that just needs to move out of our lives.

To make it a real party, we are going to pull out the drums, have Flights of Fire provide fire dancing, get into the wine and snacks and maybe even roast marshmallows and hotdogs on sticks! If I can find a couple of folks who play guitars or other instruments, we can add them as well.

Rain date will be the following Saturday same time.  Please RSVP via Facebook, email or phone call or text, and let me know if you can attend, if you are an artist who wants to participate in the sale or a collector who just can’t bear the thought of missing out on a great piece of art.

When we get a little closer to the date and I know which artists will be participating, I’ll post a list.


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