Plein Air

Wytheville Adventure: Part IV

I don’t even remember what day it was that Brenda and I went into town and managed to take a wrong turn but ended up with lots of fantastic photos. And Page and Joe took us on another tour of local farms one day. I’m sure the locals wondered what in the world was going on as four people kept piling out of a car practically around every turn we traveled and scattered up and down the narrow road snapping photographs!


Page and Brenda and I think we need to do a whole series of paintings called “The Farms of Greasy Creek” and then find someplace to show them. Could be a cool, year long project (these are just a few of the photos I took).

The next morning I took more photos at Page’s Farm focusing on some close up views in and around the main barn.


And I found this newly emerged fellow attached to one corner of the barn.


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