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Wytheville Adventures: Part II

We arrived at Page’s Farm on Greasy Creek about 5 p.m. on Wednesday. We had left my house about 7 a.m. . So much for the 5 and a half hour drive!

Again, the camera came out and I started taking photos. What an amazing place! Page and her son, Joe, gave us a tour via the mule (a heavy duty ATV) over part of the farm. Much of it was in accessible even to the ATV.

On Thursday, after a quick run to town for food and a pair of rubber boots for creek wading and an opportunity to call my hubby (we are so far out I could not get a strong enough cell signal to make a phone call, although I could send an occasional text message if I held the phone just right on the front porch.). We came back, ate a quick lunch and set up in the front yard to paint.

I decided to do a side view of the root cellar/shed built into the side of the hill. I set up under the shade of a black walnut tree.


Here are some progress shots:


And the final painting although the final photo does not project the warmth of it very well:


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