Plein Air Unleashed Wrap-up

Finished about noon today with one final painting that I just had to do for good or bad:

Spotted this old car in an old shed behind a house in White Stone where we had permission to visit for the event.


And I ended up with this painting. The photo is rather over exposed so you can see some of the windshield, but you don’t get to see the last bit of baby blue paint under the rust. Ken thinks this is a 1953 or ’54 Buick Skylark. I have no clue, but it was a really cool looking old abandoned car. I’m calling the painting, “Abandoned Treasure”.


A fun little quickie painting. I was tired and cold (the wind had picked up and the temperature dropped from the previous day), so I decided to call it quits.

A fun event. No pressure and an opportunity to spend a few days dedicated plein air work. Got to meet some neat folks in the bargain.

There are a lot of really nice pieces completed by many artists over the last four days. Do come by the Allure Art Center in White Stone, VA from now until May 28th and see what we all produced.



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