Plein Air Unleashed

I am honored to be participating in Plein Air Unleashed hosted by the Allure Art Center in Whitestone, VA this coming week.

I’ve got enough panels and frames for probably a month, but I’m going to go ahead and drill and wire up enough for four paintings a day — not because I think I will actually get that many done, but I want to have the option. So, I have to clear the table in the studio and get the drill out and find my wire cutters and drill pilot holes in a bunch of frames. I think what I will do it put the hardware on both sides but only attach wire to one side. Then, when I’m ready to put the painting in the frame, it will fairly easy to get it in there with minimal fear because they will still be wet! I’ll have to remember to pack the points to hold the panels in the frames and the tool I use to put them in.

In any case, at last count there were definitely 10 artists participating with another two possible. We will be painting in various locations in and around White Stone starting about 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 26th and continuing each day until Sunday, April 29th when the paintings go on display.

I believe on Saturday we will be at the Allure Art Center doing demonstrations and such. My son and new daughter-in-law are having their wedding reception in my front yard on Saturday, so I will have to leave a little early, but hope to attend in the morning.

The exhibit to follow will last one month. You can get a raffle ticket to win one of the paintings produced during the event.

I have no delusions about my plein air work. Sometimes I get happy surprises occur, but the level of work some of the other participants produce is definitely worth checking out. So, if you have a few minutes and happen to be passing through or want to make the trip out, please come out and support myself and the other painters and the Allure Art Center this coming week.

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