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Art and Money

I’m working my way through a book on my Kindle entitled: Art Money Success by Maria Brophy who became a manager for her artist husband. On her website one can find the worksheets after you purchase the book.

The author provides the worksheets (along wtih text) to help the artist figure out a number of things.

The first worksheet helps you figure out what you are good at doing and what you love doing. And are these things the same?  I’m finding out that while I’m really good at dog and cat portraits, and sometimes bird paintings, what I really want to be doing is plein air paintings in the warmer months and still life paintings in the winter. And I love to travel. And I like to teach.

So, how do I define success? Is it recognition from awards, being accepted into prestigious shows, being acknowledged as a teacher or is it a certain level of income or lifestyle that I want to achieve? I need to think about this.

And what can I do to reach the goals I decide are my true definitions of success? How you develop or find your niche?

Later, the book addresses finding your right buyer and how to find said persons. Finally, she talks about taking care of your patrons. And there are worksheets to accompany all of these steps and stages.

In any case, I’m enjoying this book and the work it is making me do to further develop my art business and my artist life.

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