The Nest


I started a new painting yesterday. It’s somewhat bigger than my little 6X6: paintings and will likely take a bit longer to complete but I thought I would give you an idea of my process as I work through this. What will I leave out, what goes in to make the composition work out okay. I took a photo of this nest in one of the dogwood trees last spring. I loved the light coming through the leaves above it. I loved how the canopy and the branches created this very interesting sort of abstracted stained glass look. The light was just cool. But more than that I loved the nest itself.

You can’t see it in the photo on the iPad, but there are some very cool grapevine bits making curli-cues coming out of the nest. It also incorporated some very interesting leaves (that is what that weird looking blue blob is going to become in the painting). Here is close-up of the nest itself.


I’ll keep you posted as I continue to work on this painting. I had forgotten about how much bigger the brushes need to be on a painting this size and how much more paint I have to mix! Yikes. In addition to preparing the panel (three coats of oil ground all sanded inbetween), I had to take extra time to work out the drawing because the shape of my panel does not align with the photo exactly. It also took me several hours to get this far, but I’m happy with it at this point. Next on to the middle stage, but I need to look at it for a while. I tend to get lost in a painting this large and need to remember to work all over and to step back frequently. With the little ones, I can just lean back to take the whole thing in… I have to move back with this one.

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