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Bird Series Continues


I completed this little girl last week but got distracted by the paintings that followed and didn’t get around to posting her.

I was feeling a bit political and frustrated and her photo appealed to me because as beautiful as she is (and I personally find the female cardinals to be lovelier than the flashier males); she seemed sort of dejected and sort of standing there with her wings sagging and I thought her to be a bit of a wallflower among all the other females who all seemed to have mates and was being harrassed by the other female cardinals. So it can be when a girl or woman has been subjected to sexual harrassment from the men or women in your life. You lose your sense of self worth. In any case, I’m calling her “Pretty Girl”.

So then I went a little dark. It was one of those dismal winter days and evening was coming on and this little gal ended up in the shadows.  I was also experimenting a little with my brushwork. This one is called “Shy Girl”. No matter how many times I tried to get a photo of her facing me or at least standing sideways, all I could catch was her back.


Then it was back to the flashy males: Haven’t completely decided what to call this one yet.  But for now, I’ll call him “The Clown”.


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