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Looking Forward

I’ve come to realize (again) that I’m not very good at planning ahead. I always assume I’m going to get more done than I do and I tend to take on more activities than can be accomplished.

So, for the months of January, Feb and March, I’m planning (there is that evil word again) in addition to my regular paintings, I want to tackle some holiday themed projects for the 2018 holiday season: meaning projects for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays. If I get them done early and put them away, there will be less stress to get something done (and fail to accomplish that) during the actual holiday season.

I find that it is often the small items that sell in the shops around here. People will purchase affordable gifts and trinkets for their homes but normally will not spend a ton of money on art because they are saving their big money purchases for things like electronics and such. I do it, too, so I really do understand this. However, as a retiree, I need to find ways to have a little additional income during these months so I have a few ideas.

  • Christmas Stockings made from handwoven fabric and bits of crocheted lace, etc.
  • Hand-painted and decorated boxes (treasure boxes)
  • Holiday themed soap paired with handwoven face clothes (maybe in linen or bamboo)
  • Holiday themed table runners
  • Holiday cards
  • Dog treats
  • Orange Pompadours (these and the dog treats would have to made up in November)
  • Santa dolls

I don’t need to do a lot of any of them… in fact, just a half-dozen or less of each would probably do it (two or three in some cases). The key is to maintain quality and uniqueness.

Then, of course, is the challenge of finding somewhere safe to store them through the summer and early fall. But I’ll figure that out once I get a few done. Maybe I’ll find storage space as I clean up the studio.

So wish me luck in the coming new year. We will see if I can get it together and pull something off.

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