Cold Morning Glow



Been unhappy with my paintings of late… probably because there haven’t been very many due to having a packed schedule. But I’m going to try harder to get back on track. Spent a few days experiencing some less than wonderful results with my pastels (I do think it is from lack of practice, but frustrating, never the less); so yesterday I picked up my paint brushes and dusted off my palette. And I got this little guy out of it.

I remember last winter sitting with coffee cup in hand chuckling at our cats while we all bird watched out the back door. We had filled the bird feeders and had lots of pretty birds to watch. This little one, perched up on the icy railing, kept lifting one foot, then the other. I could only believe his little feet were cold. What I loved about the photo I took most, however, was the morning glow about his tiny body.

Here is the photo I worked from:


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