The Rappahannock Art League (soon to be Art Center) is having a special short show coming up featuring Watermen. I’m not convinced this painting is done. I haven’t signed it yet. And yet, I sort of like it. Maybe this one is a study for a larger pastel to be completed later.

In any case, the idea of the crabber putting in the first commercial pot in our creek in mid May was what I was trying to catch. The early morning in late Spring as this guy’s last pot goes into the water.  I know they’ve been catching because we’ve been catching and when my husband and I took the boat out last weekend, the creek was FULL of crab pots. Steering around them and all the oyster bed markers has become quite a challenge.

In the meantime, I learned that I sold another painting (Pear Jam has a new home). And so I’m taking Government Workers down to the gallery today to replace it. I need to get Tomato Paste framed and I also need to finish the radish pastel painting currently on the easel.


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