The Season Begins

Got out with the Northern Neck Plein Air Group today. The weather could hardly have been nicer other than a rather stiff breeze that started kicking up around 10 a.m. Five of us turned out.

We met up in the parking area of the Dameron Marsh Nature Preserve and walked all over the place before deciding on the views we each wanted to tackle. The only downside of this location was that there was no public restroom or Porto-potty.

Here are photos of my work on scene.


Hubby gets freaked out about overly textured sky and I was not completely in love with it either, so I tried to smooth it out a bit after I got home. Not sure, but I maybe should have left it alone. I will probably go back and work on this a little more. I think the potential for a really nice painting is there. The bones are there. I do like the weeds on the right side of the road as they were pretty much that fluffy looking.



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